Past Sales

Address of Property including city state and zipClosed DateTransaction Side (buyer/seller/both)
TBD Station Way Oak Creek, CO 8046709/29/2016Buyer
Lot 115 Sky Hitch II at Stagecoach Oak Creek, CO 8046710/20/2016Buyer
22632 Commanche Rd Oak Creek, CO 8046711/10/2016Buyer
33320 Buckskin Way Oak Creek, CO 8046711/15/2016Buyer
31525 Navajo Trl Oak Creek CO 8046712/13/2016Buyer
31470 Navajo Trl Oak Creek, CO 8046712/20/2106Buyer
20935 Cayuse Way Oak Creek, CO 8046701/26/2017Both sides
1463 Flat Top Circle #301 Steamboat Springs, CO 8048701/27/2017Seller
TBD Station Way Oak Creek, CO 8046702/09/2017Both sides
20450 Springboard Trail03/07/2017Buyer
32495 Ute Trl Oak Creek CO 8046703/28/2017Both sides
32525 Ute Trl Oak Creek CO 8046703/28/2017Buyer
33385, 33365 33345 Ramuda Trl Oak Creek, CO 8046704/05/2017Buyer
33330 Buckskin Way Oak Creek, CO 8046704/06/2017Seller
20550 Stirrup Way Oak Creek, CO 8046704/25/2017Buyer
33450 Filly Trl Oak Creek, CO 8046705/18/2017Both sides
TBD Whiffle Tree Oak Creek, CO 8046706/08/2017Buyer
20560 Hoch-Eye Way Oak Creek, CO 8046706/15/2017Buyer
32510 Ute Oak Creek, CO 8046707/07/2017Buyer
1568 Conestoga Cir Steamboat Springs, CO 8048707/11/2017Seller
360 Ore House Plaza #204 Steamboat Springs, CO 8048707/12/2017Both sides
20960 Cayuse Way Oak Creek, CO 8046708/29/2017Buyer
21455 Second Ave Steamboat Springs CO 8048709/19/2017Seller
31525 Shoshone Way Oak Creek, CO 8046710/19/2017Seller
3456 Sunburst Ct #24 Steamboat Springs, CO 8048710/24/2017Seller
205 Oak Ridge Dr Oak Creek CO 8046711/01/2017Seller
25 Cypress Ct Steamboat Springs, CO 8048711/15/2017Seller
31305 SHOSHONE Way Oak Creek, CO 8046712/21/2017Buyer
2869 Abbey Rd Steamboat Springs, CO 8048701/30/2018Seller
Haywagon Trail Oak Creek, CO 8046702/09/2018Both sides
3355 Columbine Dr #605 Steamboat Springs, CO 8048702/15/2018Both sides
24545 Arapahoe Rd Oak Creek, CO 8046702/15/2018Seller
Fargo Way Oak Creek, CO 8046703/07/2018Both sides
20480 Wild Way Oak Creek CO 8046703/22/2018Buyer